Do You Question Everything? The Four Tendencies Book Summary

“I do what makes sense, even if it means ignoring rules or other people’s expectations.”

Sound like you, or someone you know?

If so, perhaps you’re what author Gretchen Rubin calls a Questioner. This is one of four personality types Rubin has identified in her research.

The pros and cons of being a Questioner

Questioners shine when it comes to meeting their own expectations, but they resist those of others and are typified by a strong desire to, well, question everything!

A Questioner isn’t going to blindly follow your instructions just because you’re the boss. Nor will they adhere to procedures people have been following for years if they don’t know the reasoning behind them.

This can get a little tiring, and yet Questioners can be tremendously valuable to have around.

They’re great at discovering improvements, which makes them perfect for innovative organizations. As long as the company is open to questions like, “Why are we using this software?” and “Why do we need weekly meetings?” they can be a huge business asset.

On the flipside, Questioners are easily overwhelmed by options, which can make it hard for them to make decisions. Even simple tasks like buying a washing machine can result in days of research to find the best one!

Doesn’t sound much like you? Find out which of the four personality types you are in our blinks to The Four Tendencies, by Gretchen Rubin.

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