Effective Habits that Will Make Your Life Happier and Stress-free

Many people spend their lives waiting to be happy. “If only I had more money”; “If I could lose weight”; “If I got this job, this diploma”; or “if I met someone” … “then I would be happy”.

Yet you can be happy right away. Studies of happiness show that it is not being beautiful, rich or famous that makes you happy. And maybe I’ll shock you, but it’s not even loving or being loved that makes you happy in the long run.

Many people have a spouse and perfect children. However; deep down, they are not happy.

The secret of happiness

For most people, for the feeling of happiness to be triggered, it takes a thrill of adventure and freedom.

No need to leave for a distant destination. But take every opportunity to do things where you feel free and independent. It can even mean changing jobs, becoming self-employed, or travelling to discover new places you do not know. Without going that far, you can also change the route to return from work, or go for a walk in unknown places.

The favorite activity of my family

I do not know of any way to please my children more than to put on their boots, a waxed one, to equip themselves with flashlights, and to go for a walk, at night, in the woods. Hardly mounted by car, they are already starting to see wolves. Then it’s the ghost games with the torches. Arrived in the forest, they scream at the very idea of ​​opening the door, and come out of the car shaking chills and bursts of laughter.

The hands are moist, the breaths short, the ears on the watch. They are astonished by the darkness and silence, then by the sounds of wild beasts. Their overexcited imagination sees in each shadow bears, owls and bats. And I must admit that, even for an adult, walking at night in the forest causes all kinds of intense feelings: the cries of night birds, the strange shapes of trees, the wind blowing in the tops, the smell of wild mosses and grasses, feet that hit stones, or fall into the ruts of the path …

Often we make a fire (which is strictly forbidden …) and we grill sausages. These outings take place once or twice a year … but they are enough to give them all kinds of intense and joyful memories, which stand out very regularly in their discussions.

Everyone can create their own opportunities to “vibrate”. But most often, it is the small, simple things in life that cause the most joy and are the most invigorating.

But one can also, in his daily life, create habits that make them more happy. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

One: Go out.

Turn off your television, take off your slippers, and go out.

Every hour spent in front of the television decreases life expectancy by 22 minutes. Television also has a major impact on the chemistry of your brain. The more you look at it, the more easily your brain goes into passive mode, where the messages cross your mind without your participation. You become suggestible, and vulnerable.

Two: Move.

Some people are lucky to have a garden to grow and beautify. You can also walk, bike, swim. Physical exercise increases the levels of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, which are chemicals your brain needs, that can offset some of the effects of stress and relieve some of the symptoms of depression.

Further, consider physical exercise as a way to lose weight or prevent illness, and try to consider these moments as a daily tool to improve your state of mind, relax, and you feel happier.

If you have office work, get up every ten minutes. This will counterbalance the deleterious effects of sitting.

Three: Eat well and light.

What you eat directly affects your mood and your energy level, both in the short and long terms. While healthy eating benefits your body and clarifies your ideas, eating pizza and fast foods makes causes harm to you and leads to chronic diseases. Same thing if you eat too much.

After a meal of fresh and raw vegetables, protein and good fats (raw fat, smoked fish, omega-3) in moderate amounts, you have no desire to take a nap, but you feel full of energy and ready to undertake new jobs.

Four: Take cold showers.

The technique here  is to start with a few minutes under hot or very hot water, then gradually lower the temperature of the water. At each level, you feel a surprising sensation of cold for a few seconds but the skin gets used to it and the shower becomes pleasant again. Wait a few more seconds and turn the tap again to reduce the temperature. After some time, make the coldest water that can come out of the tap as the last water you use in your shower.

The colder the water, the stronger the antidepressant effect. At a certain point, you even feel a sense of euphoria. After drying, you feel full of energy.

Five: Speak less, listen more.

The word is money; but silence is golden. Speaking less and listening more allows you to further benefit from the wisdom of others, while helping you to calm down inside.

While participating in the gossip around the coffee machine gives flushes of pleasure, speaking badly of people is tantamount to soaking yourself in a bath of bad feelings. Your body absorbs them. If you strive to be positive, you will feel calmer and more peaceful then.

Six: Assume your responsibilities.

It is easy to accuse others of being responsible for your misfortunes, but happy people assume their responsibilities, acknowledge their mistakes, and try to use their bad experiences to improve themselves.

Seven: Get some sun every day.

Have you noticed how good it is to walk outside on a sunny day? The reasonable exposure to the sun allows your body to produce vitamin D, which is great for morale.

Use sunscreen only when you have to expose yourself for a long summer sun, hot weather, or if you are at sea or in the mountains, for a long time (more than half an hour). Indispensable to avoid burns, sunscreen has the huge disadvantage of blocking the synthesis of vitamin D, and contains chemicals sometimes carcinogenic.

Eight: Create.

You do not have to be an artist to create. You can express your creativity in a thousand ways: cooking, singing, dancing, new activity, etc.

Nine: Walk barefoot.

When the opportunity arises, take off your shoes and rediscover the contact of the earth with your bare feet. Walking barefoot is not only good for the body but also for morale.

Ten: Thank and Practice Gratitude.

Make it a habit to express your gratitude to the people around you. But you can also thank your parents for giving you life, thank nature for carrying you and feeding you. You can keep a diary where you write down your reasons to feel gratitude every day, or better yet, do it before each meal, if only to make you happy to have a table full of food in front of you.

If you find it difficult or incongruous, I strongly encourage you to read the book “Canons and Flowers” (a book that is unfortunately difficult to find), in which the pianist Georges Cziffra, who was called “the pianist of the century”, tells the story of four years of atrocious famine and suffering that he spent in a mine where the Nazis had locked him up, with thousands of other Hungarian prisoners … This is my bedside book now and I guarantee you that once you have read that, you will never dare to complain about anything again, and every meal you make will be an extraordinary blessing.

Eleven: Healthy living makes you happy.

In many ways, a healthy lifestyle also makes you happier. Physical health cannot be separated from emotional health. Happy people tend to be healthy, and vice versa. Therefore, in addition to the tips given above, the following strategies will help you achieve a higher level of happiness

Drink pure mineral water! Limit your exposure to toxins, dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners; eat as much as you can of raw food, if possible organic and grown locally. Reduce your sugar and carbohydrate intake (including complex carbohydrates such as whole grains) to lower your insulin level.

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