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Five Reasons Why You Fail to Reach Your Goals

Why do we fail to reach our goals? Well, the time of year has come when the same old question assails you: what happened to my New Year’s resolutions? The year passes and many of our goals have not gone much further from the list on which they were written. Some have been diluted over time and others have not finished curdling. And no, you have not done anything wrong, you have done everything you could to the best of your ability with the information and tools you have.

The purpose of telling you the reasons why you may not be reaching your goals is not to scold or criticize, and this should not make you feel guilty for not having taken them into account! The objective is that you should know what may be failing you, so that you take responsibility for your path, make the necessary adjustments and reconfigure your GPS.

Maybe right now it is not time to be thinking about goals, successes or mistakes, but I’m sure in a couple of months you’ll thank me! September is always a good time to resume forgotten purposes and get back to work with new energies.

So, without further delay, the following are some of the reasons why you may not be able to reach your goals!

Reason number one: The time or circumstances were not optimal.

It is very fashionable to use motivational phrases such as “who wants can”, “zero excuses”, etc. I use them myself to motivate a specific group of my community on Facebook , but let’s be honest: they are not useful for everyone because not everyone is in their optimal situation.

Sometimes our life is reeling because we have open fronts in all areas. Sometimes we still find ourselves adapting to a strong change and we have no head or energy for other issues.

Don’t give it many laps. If you are attentive enough to yourself you will know if your situation supports your personal work or if you are swimming against the current .

Reason number two: The goal is not yours.

Sometimes we think we want things that we don’t really want. It seems strange, but it is very common. Many times we seek to please others, meet someone’s expectations, follow a fashion or simply want to do it because someone in our community does it and we have been bitten by the bug . Well, if the goal is not really yours, the work you have to do until you get there is going to be very, very hard and uphill.

Is it possible that our Ego decides for us our new goals? The answer is Yes. Think of that goal of being better than someone, stand out in something, be recognized, be respected, shut up mouths, etc. 

Reason number three: You haven’t spent enough time setting up your goal.

This is another mistake that is not believed by many people: if you do not configure the phrase that defines your goal well, you will most likely miss the path that takes you to it. Imagine phrases like “get fit”, “learn English” or “call my mother more often “. What is getting fit? How will you know when you’re fit? What will your shape look like? What is knowing English? Speak it fluently, understand it, be able to write emails? How much is more? Twice a week? Three, five, every day?

If you do not have a clear well-configured and measurable goal, it will not only be difficult to achieve it, you may even reach but you don’t even realize it!

On the other hand, did you know that many times we fail on our way to the goal because it is too ambitious? How do you hear it! Having the house impeccable every day may be too ambitious. Also, it might be too ambitious to get a new job in two weeks, speak another language fluently in a month, go to the gym every day or make balance between your master’s degree, social life, work and other responsibilities.

Save yourself unnecessary frustrations by aiming at an attainable goal.

Reason number Four: You have not taken action.

This is my favorite mistake, and I love it! It turns out that many times we set goals and what happens is that, plain and simple, we do not go for them. Summer is on us, September, December and the new year, and we haven’t moved a single finger!

Don’t tell me it never happened to you!

The positive part of this seemingly absurd reason is that it will take you to one of the other reasons that we discuss here. You may not have taken action because you are not at your best, because you do not know how to start, because the goal is vague or because of others.

If you have not started to take action yet, analyze why and you will approach the right solution.

Reason number five: You only think about the goal and you have forgotten the path that leads to it.

One thing that greatly hinders our work is to idealize the goal, move it away from our reality and separate it from the path that leads to it. Think when you set out to get something, what you really want to do is to go the path that leads to it. For example, if I want to lower my cholesterol levels, the goal that I should set is not to lower the cholesterol level, but to make daily and sustainable changes that lead me to it. If you do not directly relate the habit to the goal, you will face the risk of wanting to reach the goal without  taking the right path to it.

Reason number six: You keep blaming others.

Last but not least, the most difficult reason to recognize and one of the most damaging is that we insist on blaming others instead of taking the charge of the situation and getting to work. “This is the nature of life”, “Life is full of ups and downs”, “It’s because of the children”, “It’s because of the government “. No matter what the reason you are going to give; if you do it with the intention of releasing yourself from responsibility, failure will be your destiny.

We all know that it is not always a good time, it is not always possible, and more importantly, one does not always want to make the effort to achieve something. But if you really want to achieve your goals, you need to stop blaming others or blaming the circumstances, and start taking action on the path that leads you to your goals.

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