How to Free Your Mind from Negative Thoughts – 13 Tips

How to stop negative thinking?

No, you are not the only one who is regularly dragged into a spiral of negative thoughts. Negativity is addictive, which is why so many people get stuck in it. How can you keep yourself away from that negativity? We have tips for you.

Your thoughts determine your feelings

Do you know where do feelings come from? Exactly, thoughts. You think something and then you get a feeling. You think negative thoughts and you are filled with a feeling of fear. You think nice thoughts, and suddenly you feel a lot better.

You want to feel good, but it is so difficult to change your feeling. However, it is very easy to change your mind. By lovingly putting negative thoughts out of your head, you will feel a lot better!

Your negative thoughts outgrow

Negative thinking is easy. It is the standard mode for many people when something unpleasant happens. Many things can go wrong in life, and thinking about this beforehand sometimes gives a sense of control. It is easy to respond with negativity, simply because you are used to it.

Negative thoughts are the primary cause of negative feelings.

Negative thinking is like eating unhealthily. It’s easy, it’s satisfying and it doesn’t feed you. It gives you a good feeling for a while, and in the long term a bad feeling (and a wrinkled skin). It is a habit that does not serve you. A habit that, if you really want to enrich your life, you can unlearn step by step; because the more positive thoughts you allow, the better you will feel.

You are not kidding yourself

Positive thinking has no positive image. It has bad reputation is looked at as a solution to all problems. Many people also think that changing your thoughts means you lose sight of reality. They think that positive thinkers live in a dream world and they are not realists.

Reality does not exist. Reality is always personal, always colored, always different from the reality held by others. Every person has a different view of life. You say, “It’s terrible that I got fired.” I say, “It’s nice too.” Are you finally forced to look for something that will make you happy! ”Who is right? What is reality?

Good and bad are relative. Everything is relative. The only thing you know for sure is that life is subject to cause and effect. Positive thinking makes you happier, more successful, happier and more social. It helps you to glide through life more easily and enjoy it more. It is not the solution for all your problems. It is a powerful tool for a more conscious life.

This is how you reverse your negative thoughts

Do you want to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones? The following tips will help you on your way:

  1. Use positivity as the standard response from now on. Decide to think positive thoughts in as many events of your life as you can.
  2. Let a bell ring once you have landed in a negative spiral. Remind yourself that this is not what you want, and stop it. Focus your attention on something else.
  3. Stop exchanging negative thoughts with someone you see regularly, like a colleague, your partner or a roommate. That way you can “catch” each other for negativity.
  4. Relax! Keep life light. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and to blame yourself. Do not worry. Smile and move on.
  5. Set a fixed time to practice positive thoughts on a regular basis every day. For example, before you go to bed, while you shower, while walking the dog or during your daily walk to the station. Make it a habit to feel grateful and satisfied during these short moments.
  6. You can break a negative spiral by focusing on your breathing. Continue to breathe consciously until your head becomes silent. Are you straying? When you realize this, bring your attention back to your breathing.
  7. Look for the positive sides of events that you normally experience as negative.
  8. Release the “good” and “bad” concepts. Good and bad do not exist. There is only “desirable” and “undesirable”, or “what serves us” and “what doesn’t serve us.” And these values ​​are different for every person. Black / white (good / bad) thinking does not serve you. Everything has two sides, sometimes an event has twenty sides. Who determines what is good and what is bad?
  9. Learn to see the beauty in things that you normally experience as annoying, boring, ugly or unpleasant. Assume that everything has beauty in it, and look for it. Once you find this beauty you have no reason to be negative.
  10. Realize that a feeling does not happen to you. Sometimes it does, but most of the time not. It is formed by your thoughts. If you don’t feel happy, then change your mind!
  11. Do not punish yourself if you experience negative thoughts. You are not doing it wrong. You are learning, you are growing! It is great that you observe your own thoughts, that is an essential step.
  12. Try to reverse other people’s negative thoughts by lovingly showing them that life is also pretty fun, and that there are also positive sides to every event.
  13. Realize that you can have problems and still be positive. That you can die and still be positive. As soon as you truly realize that negative thinking does not serve you, you no longer have a reason to accept negative thoughts, regardless of the situation.

Negative thoughts are not bad. They are what they are, and they don’t help you to be happy. By approaching your negative thoughts in a positive way, you can change your pattern of thoughts. By thinking differently, you will start to live differently, with more confidence, peace, positivity and love.

Life is not as miserable as your brain sometimes wants you to believe. Life is what you make it. So it’s time to make something beautiful out of it.

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