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How to Develop A Plan To Find Your Dream Job- by Dr. C.K. Bray

How to plan for your career development

Have you succeeded to find your dream job? Do you enjoy your current job? If you do, then you’re in the minority. According to one 2013 Gallup study, 87 percent of us are dissatisfied with what we do for a living.

And, although most people tend to dislike their career, they also struggle to take the steps to find a better one. One of the main reasons for this is that most people fail to plan how to find their dream job.

So what can you do?

Your dream job requires a five-year plan

Start by dividing a piece of paper into three columns, labeled “One Year,” “Three Years” and Five Years.” Then within each column add your ideal employment situation at each time and what skills, experience and education you’ll need to get there.

For example, say your dream is to be a writer. In the “One Year” column, you could add, “Write ten blog posts” and “Attend creative writing course.” Then, in the “Three Year” column, you could write, “Get paid for writing articles” and “Have written multiple short stories.” Finally, your five-year goal could be “Have a book published” and “Regularly contribute to top-tier magazines.”

Clear goals will help you on your journey to your dream career.

For more on how to establish an awesome career – including how you can become a fearless job-hunter – read the blinks to Best Job Ever, by Dr. C. K. Bray.

Step-by-step plan for your dream job

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You can’t get a dream job thrown into your lap. You have to work hard for it and take many small steps. Unfortunately, not everyone finds their dream job. A dream job is work that suits you. Work that gives you strength and energy, increasing your job satisfaction and further developing and growing, and ultimately leads to even better results. 

Start with a plan

You already know what your strengths are, where your talents lie and what your passion is. But not how to turn this into a dream job. Therefore, start your search by making a good and clear step-by-step plan. In addition, ensure that you have a lot of perseverance, then you will also find your dream job!

Step 1: Make your dream job a reality

You start your step-by-step plan by clarifying exactly what your dream job is. What are your activities and responsibilities. But also with whom do you work, which company culture suits you and how many hours do you want to work.

Describe what you want as concretely as possible. It helps to visualize your dream job or to talk about it with others. See what your working day would look like. You can only start looking for your dream job if you clearly know what you want.

Step 2: Make an list of everything you need to get your dream job

When you have a clear idea of ​​what kind of dream job you are looking for, it is important to check whether you have everything you need for it. Do you have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job?

If not, it doesn’t mean this will stop you from getting your dream job. You can always follow an education, training or course. Also check whether it is necessary to gain certain experience, for example by doing an internship or volunteering.

Step 3: Where can you find your dream job

The next step is the search for your dream job. To avoid looking at random, you should carefully consider where you can find relevant vacancies . For example, in which sector (s) could you find your dream job? Do you find the job in your home country or abroad? At a large or small company?

It also helps to talk to friends, family and fellow students, especially also with people who currently practice your dream job. For example, you can get in touch with these people via LinkedIn .

Step 4: Which job search channels do you use

It is important for your search for your dream job to determine which job search channels you will use. This can be multiple channels. Are you going to search via job sites or social media ? Are you using your network or a recruitment agency?

Step 5: Dream job found! And now?

You have found the vacancy of your dream job! And now? In any case, don’t send out a job application head over heels. Due to your enthusiasm, you may want to go too fast and send out an application in which you do not come out well. So, take a moment to prepare well.

Write a cover letter and CV that is completely tailored to your dream vacancy. After all, good preparation is really half the battle. No matter how cliché it may click, it still contains some truth. Recruiters notice quickly enough whether or not you have thoroughly studied the company and the position.

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