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How to Write The Perfect Job Application

Applying for a new job is always nerve-wracking. It’s hard not to take it personally when you’re rejected. So how can you ensure your application gives you the best possible chance?

It’s the little things

First of all, you need to carefully spellcheck both your cover letter and your resume. This should go without saying, but any claims you make about being thorough and detail-oriented will be severely undercut by even a single spelling mistake.

What’s more, make sure you send both your cover letter and your resume as PDF files. This ensures that the formatting the other person sees is the same as you intended and not affected by the version of the word processor the recipient has.

Another tip is to craft your cover letter so it conveys a compelling story in first-person form, and to use real data wherever possible. For example, you can start by talking about your past roles and then your future interests: “I was a senior salesperson at XYZ Incorporated, where I brought in X amount of revenue per year. Now I’m interested in exploring new leadership opportunities.”

And be sure to mirror the ambiance of the target company in the tone of your cover letter. If it seems like a very serious company, don’t make your cover letter too informal, and vice versa.

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