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Life Advice From Lobsters- 12 Rules for Life, by Jordan B. Peterson.

Here is a great life advice from unusual teacher. Close your eyes and think of an animal that is similar to humans. Of all the animals that might have come to mind, a lobster probably wasn’t one of them. But lobsters are remarkably similar to humans in many ways – especially when it comes to separating winners and losers.

Carry yourself like a winner!

Lobsters, whether in the wild or in captivity, will ruthlessly fight for the best, most sheltered spots. Scientists have found that this competition quickly leads to changes in the chemical balance in individual lobsters’ brains. Lobsters who win out in the competition experience a surge of the hormone serotonin. And, as increased serotonin makes a lobster more agile and upright, it increases the chance of winning future battles as well.

Losing lobsters, on the other hand, will receive a surge of the hormone octopamine, which makes them tense and curled up. This increases the likelihood that they’ll continue to lose out in future confrontations.

Although we humans are different from lobsters in many ways, the same chemicals rule our behavior. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage. By making it a rule to always stand up straight and carry yourself like a winner, even if you don’t feel like one, you will be more likely to experience that surge of serotonin, leading to more success in life.

For eleven more rules to help you through life – including why you should never bother skateboarding children – get our blinks to 12 Rules for Life, by Jordan B. Peterson.

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