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What Should You Do When You Hate Your Job and Want to Quit?

You hate your job, the company and the boss. You’re not alone. Of course, this is not good. It may be time for you to look further. We explain below 7 things to keep in mind.

Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Even if you hate your job, just let only your loved ones know. Don’t tell it to the world. The wrong person can get mad about this. You do not want to lose your job until you find a new one. Do not burn any bridges.

It’s not just you.

The position you hold now has been held by many others before. It can happen to anyone. You’re not alone.

Just don’t quit!

Don’t give up yet. Think if this can be resolved before you tell the manager that you are quitting. It may also be that you only have a tough time right now.

Get ready to look for a new job!

If there is nothing to do to fix your situation at work, then it may be time to look further. Remember, finding a job is easier if you already have a job. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile and start building on your network.

Start your job search!

Make sure to start your job search a little discreetly. Don’t let everyone know that you are applying for a new job and be sure not to tell the manager about it until you are ready.

Be careful about what you say!

When it’s time to resign, be careful. Your new workplace will probably check you out and what you have said and written.

Quit your job nicely!

Don’t burn bridges! Offer to do your best so that your company does not face any problem as a result of your resignation.

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