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Where can You Live A Happier Life at Lower Cost?

Getting a place to live in costs you a lot of money, and even if you try to economize on living expenses, you will not succeed. Is there a simpler and easier way of living?

We went to Quora website to find out the best place in the world to live in at a lower cost, where the weather is nice, and the internet is of course available, as there is no ideal place right now without a fast internet connection.

South East Asia topped the list for Quora users. The user Jinkshu Yang recommended Bali Island, Indonesia where one can enjoy the life of famous artists with a modest budget. The weather is mild and the beaches are wonderful. “The island overlooks several hundred beaches that have not yet reached by visitors and tourists,” says Yang.

The rent of a two-bedroom house in an elegant area is $ 200 per month, while the cost of a French-style meal does not exceed one third of its price in other big cities because of the intense competition in tourism industry on the island. One can enjoy two hours of massage and swimming at a health club for $ 20, while a villa with a swimming pool costs $ 100 per night.

“Bali competes with any city I have visited in terms of variety, elegance, food, nightlife and design, as it includes some of the world’s best beach lounges and nightclubs, in addition to an endless list of sports activities, water sports and yoga. It also includes a growing number of digital technology companies all centered around Ubud.” Adds Yang.

Nathan Edgerton, who has been working as a teacher since 2011, wrote that he lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and shared a house with a friend for $ 70 a month.

“I eat all my meals outside the house, in a cheap Thai restaurant. I had plenty of money to go out with friends, have drinks and exercise at a kickboxing club. All this cost me about $ 700 a month. Chiang Mai is a great place to live in, but you can live anywhere in Thailand at a similar cost,” says Edgerton.

For Spanish speakers, stands, of course, Latin America as an ideal and elegant place to live in at a low cost. Brian Fay has been living in Mexico since 2004, and the country attracts more expatriates each year.

“In the area where I live, there are people who came from Argentina, France, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Chile,” says Brian.

Getting a six-month visa is very easy for most nationalities. Despite the negative news of violence in Mexico, the country enjoys complete security and is home to millions of foreigners, who are clearly concentrated in areas such as Agižić, San Miguel and Patzkáro.

Brian adds that while renting homes is acceptable, there are a large number of expatriates looking for a babysitter at home, so that one can live in luxurious places for free.

Eastern Europe is also popular among those who want to live in luxurious places at a low cost. Mercia Joya has chosen Romania, where one can live easily for $ 1,000 a month, including housing and food, as the average monthly income is $ 575 or even less in some cities. That was what Joya said in 2013.

He adds, “Real estate prices have fallen significantly because of the global financial crisis, so you can buy a house, apartment or land at a cheap price.”

For those who want to rent a house in Bucharest, they should expect to pay between $ 200 and $ 500 a month. The Romanians are characterized by their good conduct with foreigners, and they speak English to an acceptable extent.

Chinmaya Patanayk believes that Prague, Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities in the world where living is cheaper than other cities in Eastern Europe.

“You can live comfortably at about $ 1000. You can rent a one-room apartment for about $ 400 or less. This also includes bills of water, electricity, internet and heating. The Internet is fast, with a cost of about $ 30 a month for each 100 MB,” he says.

Chinmaya Patanayk adds that a person can beat the summer heat and drink traditional Czech beer for just a dollar and a half.

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