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Why is Tiger Woods So Good at Golf?

In the history of professional sports, few figures have dominated their game as thoroughly as Tiger Woods dominated his. Between 1997 and 2008, Woods won an incredible 14 major tournaments, and, in total, he’s spent a whopping 683 weeks as the number one ranked men’s golfer.

But what made him such a phenomenon? Sheer talent? Hardly.

Tiger Woods: child prodigy

As soon as Tiger Woods was born, in 1975, his parents pushed him into the world of golf. Incredibly, by the age of two, Woods could gracefully swing a golf club and was regularly spending two hours a day practicing at the driving range.

To ensure that Tiger wouldn’t squander his golfing talent, Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, put his son through a rigorous training schedule. To keep his son’s mind focused on the game, Earl banned Tiger from other sports and activities. Unfortunately, this meant that the boy had few friends his own age, and his only genuine companions were his parents and his golf instructors.

So it was not mere talent and passion that propelled Tiger Woods to stardom, but rather the ambitions of his father and the exacting training regimen he constructed.

To discover more on how Tiger Woods took the golfing world by storm, and how the awesome pressure of being the greatest finally caught up with him, read our blinks to Tiger Woods, by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian.

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