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Your Commute Will Never be The Same Thanks to Driverless Vehicles

Do you travel anywhere by car? Whether you own one out of necessity, six as a symbol of your status, or none because you just order an Uber when you need a ride, the world of private vehicles is swiftly approaching a revolution.

Driverless cars will change everything

We’ll soon be summoning driverless vehicles much like we do an Uber, says Lawrence D. Burns, former vice president of research, development, and planning at General Motors, and advisor to the Google self-driving car project Waymo. 

Burns believes this new driverless way of life will have far-reaching consequences. For one, the cost of long-haul delivery and trucking will be halved. One upside to this is that the world will open up to small businesses, many of which are currently restricted to tiny, local markets because of high transit costs. 

Families, too, will benefit. Picture your typical commute or school run. You and your children will be able to spend quality time together in air-conditioned comfort. Thanks to the smooth ride, your kids could check their homework without feeling carsick, and you could finish off your presentation for work.

But things won’t be so convenient for the people who make a living as drivers, as they’ll be forced to reassess their career options. Furthermore, auto manufacturers may have to transition from selling vehicles to individual customers to operating fleets of self-driving taxis. 

To go deeper into this increasingly pertinent topic, and to meet a robot called Minerva, get our blinks to Autonomy, by Lawrence D. Burns.

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